The ORIGINAL BAND - ABBA Tribute history

The Original Band. ABBA original recording touring band; Rutger Gunnarsson, Mike Watson, Roger Palm, Åke Sundqvist, Mikael Areklev, Johan Stengård, Per Lindvall - the musicians on more then 400 million sold ABBA albums - and ABBA Original Designer Owe Sandström, who created allmost all ABBA stage costumes, are now presenting a some of ABBA´s greatest hits in a way that you experience ABBA again!


The idea started 2012 when some of the original ABBA band members got together for a recording session and talked about the great time with ABBA and all the fantastic songs and how popular they still are. How fun wouldn´t it be to perform the music again in front of an audience, and go on tour together! The success didn´t wait long.


The soon to be released album - The Original Band ABBA Experience - is a taste of the performances together with outstanding Sweden Symphony Orchestra/Norrköping Symphony Ochestra! Enjoy this unique recording, where you can experience the wonderful musicians once again perform the fantastic world hits as they so greatly once before recorded with the original ABBA group!


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